Monday, January 30, 2012

Truck Problems!

Today I was told that the rear end in my Toyota truck was about to give out. That was not the news that I wanted to hear before I had to drive all the way to school. My father told me that there was a chance that it could go out while I was driving and if it did not to freak out. He said just to slowing stop the truck and call my brothers.

Anyways what this has to do with design, is why can't people make a car or truck that does not break? Or one with easy ways to change things. Like the rear end, or the transfer case. Maybe people should design a truck that when the rear end breaks it keeps going.

This is just an idea...


  1. I agree!!!!

    I hate to see someone work on anything mechanic.
    All of my boyfriend men worked on them and did not pay attention to me...yeah I got jealous. You know they work on the cars all day and all night. How be ever, just get a new vehicle.

  2. Looks like you need to think about Truck design! lol