Thursday, January 5, 2012

Expressing Your Feelings Through Design.

My life is always going through different things, and sometimes I wounder "how am I going to make it out with my sanity in tacked". Luckily, I have found that my key to staying sane is to start on a new project, my projects are making new websites. Every website was made to keep my mind on other things than what was going on around me.

Each site is a different color depending on the mood I was in, for instance one page on this website I have done is Fiery Red and that was simply because I was mad.

Expressing your feelings through design is easy, think about colors if you're sad what color would you use? Blue, right?

If you're happy the color will be bright and colorful, right?

So feelings can help you make a good design or even some awesome websites, just always let your feels help you through tough designs.


  1. Well this really tells you are a person who can make a emotion into something digital out in the cyber world. That's kind of intriguing for someone to make and you really know on how to choose your personality in themes. It will be fun to getting to know you and hopefully this class can make you inspire new ideas.

  2. Shelby,

    I love your quick and creative and helpful side. This class really brings out pure, raw, emotions :-) So I believe I have had all the colors, red for mad, blue for soft and gentle and white for whatever comes to mind. Nice being beside you.