Thursday, January 19, 2012

Flash Became My Friend...For Now.

For once Flash agreed with me, I was able to start and finish my animation.

My animation started off badly, but as I thought of different things to do, it became easier. I was able to download Illustrator and draw a whole semi truck. I drew trees and clouds for the background, and even throw in some sounds. All in all last night was a good night, getting things finished that I believed would take me at least a week or more to do.

Now I have to try and become friends with Photoshop, but that is a whole different day.

Goodbye for now.


  1. It looks great! That's how I learned illustrator, I kept trying at home and learning things. Maybe Flash tutorials online could help you even more. :)

  2. Absolutely look on line to find Flash tutorials. After each tutorial, play and try new things. Keep on learning!