Thursday, January 5, 2012

Emotions and Color.

Every color hits an emotion or is used to describe a feeling and/or describe something. For example: blue = sad.

Colors            Emotion/Meaning
Blue                  Sad
Green                Happy
Black                Emotionless
Red                   Mad
Pink                  Baby Girl
Orange              Fruit
Yellow              Sun
Purple               Sky before a storm


  1. Awesome start! Color is very important to design and it looks like you have a great understanding of it so far. Now in class you'll learn how to target a certain audience with your colors and not just how you're feeling at the time. Welcome to class!

  2. Perspective and detailed -- I like it. It seems like we both have eye for color and color meanings!

    Thank you for showing these examples, it's great to see people understanding that each color is set to invoke a specific emotion or target audience.

    Hope to help and learn from you in the future!

  3. My God Girl! You guys have so much experience! This class will be fun! I'm with the pros.

  4. loving the post. the matching of colors with emotions. amazing!! looking forward to knowing you better shelby!!