Monday, January 23, 2012

The Beginning To a Good Week.

My weekend went amazing, it was relaxing and refreshing.  I got school work done, tons of notes, and was able to sleep in past 11 A.M. Now for the bad about this weekend, Flash became annoying. Flash just didn't want to help out with what I wanted it to do.

So today I have to ask how to make shadows move the way I want them too?

How can I make them rotate without flipping over?

How can I make them look like they are moving with the sun?

These are my questions for today.


  1. It's great that you even think of questions like that. It's great to know that people think outside of the box and work towards their goals!

  2. you will soon find the answer to these questions. forward thinking makes things more exuberant in the learning process.

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  4. I hope your questions were answered. If they were not, keep asking, and asking until it becomes fun and interesting instead of perplexing and frustrating. You can do it!