Monday, December 10, 2012


Hey everyone,

So my last site I am creating for this class is for wasn't something that I wanted to do a whole site on but I am glad that I have started it. I am learning a lot about abortions, like the history, what kinds of abortions, how they do abortions, and why people get them. Now at first I didn't have a view on what stand I wanted to take. I wasn't for or against abortion. And even after my research I still am not for or against it. I don't always believe in abortion but I believe that people can do whatever they feel like it, because it is their own body. However I did have to pick a point of view for my site so, I chose to take the against abortion role. Only because I do not agree with it, after my research I was still not sure if this is what I wanted to do my last website on. But after a long time of thought I chose to stick with it.

In doing this site the research had to be the hardest part. It was non-stop work, I couldn't always find useful information and it took awhile to completely get what I needed. I am still trying to find all the right words that will help people see where I am coming from. I just hope that my site helps people see what problems abortions can cause.

Anyways I just hope that I didn't completely put you to sleep. Well have a good night everyone, I will try to keep you posted on anything else that goes on in the life of Shelby Lynn.