Friday, October 26, 2012

First Week Over

Hello Everyone,

After a really long week, I have realized that web design is easy in very few ways. It makes me want to scream and smile all at the same time. At first I couldn't believe that I even wanted to do stuff related to design, I guess I never thought I had an eye for design.

Anyways on to other news, class has started and we have a travel website to do. At first I couldn't decide on what place to make a website on. There were so many places that sounded fun to make a whole website on, but I decided on a place that I didn't know to much about but where my brother had lived, Kodiak Alaska. I know you are most likely thinking "if your brothers lived there don't you know about it?" Well the answer to that is no, because he lived there when he was in the army and I never got to go visit him.

But on other news wish me luck on this whole website.