Friday, January 6, 2012

The Start of Something Beautiful!

Ever wake up and your mind is already full of ideas? Well that is how I woke up this morning. Colors where the first thing that come into view in my mind, purples, blue, pinks, and grays. As I laid there thinking about those colors, another thought came into my mind, web site. That's when I knew that these colors meant a new website or even a better revision of one I have already made.

As I began looking through websites I have created over the years, I came across one that I never truly finished. It was my boyfriend's parents company website, Claywell Trucking Inc., the colors were there, the pinks, purple, grays, some blues, and looking at them I realized they weren't the colors I had in my head but more like the ugly colors you would use if there was no others left. After that realization I came to the conclusion that I have to start from nothing to make the website into something.

Wish me luck!

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