Thursday, February 6, 2014


Hello everyone,

It is great to be back, though I have been in class I have been seriously lacking in the blogging portion of my life. Here goes nothing, these last few weeks have been crazy for me, between working all the time to trying to get back into the swing of school life. I am slowly getting back into it. Right now I am in class for Photoshop and though I know a lot of stuff with this program I don’t know everything. Today we are going over all the ways to select things in an image, I know of the basics when it comes to this and I know, like everyone else, I have my favorite way to select things in a photograph. My favor, and for me the easiest way is the pen tool. I used to hate this tool, but after being forced to  use it all last month it has made it a lot easier and now becoming my favorite tool to use. 

Another thing that I am slowly learning to be able to fully use in Photoshop is curves. I was always scared to try to open that panel, however after class on Tuesday I saw that it isn’t as bad as I have always thought. I need to get back to working on the few picture that I have, so have a good day.



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