Thursday, February 20, 2014


This week we had two projects to be finished and printed. I have been doing print work for awhile but haven't really had a chance to really look at print settings. I always look at what you would normally look at, like page size, printer choices and a few other things but what else should we be looking at before we print our images? Well from this week I have learned that you can tell the printer to print on how we think things look from the screen, matching our screen colors, and so on. Before we print we should make sure that all of our colors and what they should be. You can always go to your channels before deciding to print and make sure that your blacks and true blacks and do a few changes to the rest of the channels as well.

However what are a few other things that you can look at? What should you be paying attention for when going to print? Maybe you can help me in looking at what should or can be done before printing to make sure that you get the best looking image.


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