Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Looking To The Future

Everyday I think about what new and cool things will be out next, I always seem to wondering "What if?" I know a lot of these what "if's" are mostly my mind just being crazy but this new project really has me thinking "what if" with technology. 

I have been wondering will they come up with phones that are super slim and small, or are we still going for the super slim but big? And what about the technology in the health care career?

This picture shows what the technology can become in the medical field, people predict that we should be able to take an x-ray with a tablet once technology grows a little more. But what about cell phones? Or even computers?

I believe that one day computers will mostly consist of small devices that are all touch screens, but then what about larger computers? Will they be projectors? If so how exactly will they work? I know there are already little trials of projector keyboards what will they one day proceed to full computer projectors, or just giant clear boards (like white boards) and make them into computers where all you have to do is touch them?? These are the things that I think about.


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