Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life Changing Photography

I believe that photography has changed the world in many different ways, first way was, by what we talked about in class, people didn't need to hand paint people and have them sit for hours a day while the artist painted them. Photography was faster than having to stay in one place for long periods of time, however they still needed to sit there for a little while. That is a example of how they changed the world, but that isn't a big reason of how it did.

The most important reason of how it changed the world is different for everyone, but for me I think of how it made it easier for people to capture a moment in time. For that reason it was important because us as kids were able to see images for way before our time. It is like seeing is believing, because people made photography happen, we are able to see pictures of wars, old houses, pictures of art that we have yet to see in person. Photographic made it easier for us to see what other people get to see, and even a little about how they might portray things. These are just a few ways that I see how photography has changed the world.

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