Friday, November 16, 2012

Web Accessibility

Once again I say hello,

I hope everyone has been doing well since I last posted, I have been trying not to rip out all of my hair do to over stressed about these sites. My new site is on Web Accessibility, at first I really had no idea how I could even begin a site on accessibility. After little debate I decide to do a website that touched a little bit of everything when it came to web accessibility. This way I knew everyone could get a little bit of information no matter what they where looking for. Next was trying to find the information and a way to display it that would not be off putting.

I guess I should be getting back to work, this website isn't going to make it's self. Wish me luck.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Creating Stress

Looking at this title you probably won't think that this is about creating web sites, but I am sad to say that it is. The more coding I learn the more stressed out I become. I never thought that coding would make me want to rip every piece of hair out of my head, but it does. For two reasons; one, there is some many different codes that you need to know just to make a website look like someone other than a two year old did it. Two, if you misspell something or even put a dash were there should not be one then everything does not work.

The more I work on this site the more I just want to SCREAM!!!!!! However, I am happy that I am learning new stuff that I will be able to use in the long run. Some of the new things that I didn't know before are; div's, the different codes that can go inside different elements of codes, and of course CSS. Before this class I never in my life touched CSS, and when we first started learning CSS it just looked like a whole bunch of letters, but slowing I am starting to get the hang of it.

Anyways, wish me luck, cause I am truly going to need it.